Session 6 – July 14, 2017

Last week two new students joined the project group, we started by meeting them last week to replay with them our first sessions together back in the Spring, we asked them the question we began with ‘what do we really want in life…what are our goals? and importantly what are the values that guide us? We take the text and combine and project them, placing them one on top of the other. As we had all done together earlier in the year. Repeating – this helped us start to reflect on the process …

Today, we all gather again plus two, and we focus on the question of our last session together how to communicate and share what we are doing and why? How do other people understand? What do they see?

We have made start, and produced a poster we look at this together then realise no its not right it doesn’t say what we are doing. So we stop and reorganise ourselves – lets lay out our sketches, graphics, objects that we have been working on to date

We spend a little time to lay it all out and we start to see how things fit together, or not – what is also missing ?

We discuss how are we going to find the narrative that lies beneath the different steps we have been taking, and to make them feel real for others – our work is intentionally simple to sit within a complex context. How do we reveal this in a meaningful and easy to access way?

Now we shall simply get on with working on this, as we want to share our experimentation with others!

One comment

  1. Patricia

    Today I went back to the beginning and read all the posts about your sessions together which become an unfolding story. I see that you are thinking now about what and how and why you try to communicate with others about what you are doing. Two people have asked to join you so I wonder what you have communicated to them without even realising it, maybe. And I am another person who has been learning about this through the posts and the photos and through a few conversations with Joe. So the communication is through others who are working with you but not as one of the refugee participants, so it is not direct. I have left replies on the website twice but this is a very faltering conversation so far. Then Joe and I realised it would be interesting to take this encounter further, make it more direct, maybe eventually even in person. He wrote and said that you will send something to me through the post…so I am sitting in a village in southern france, feeling anticipation, curiosity stirring…a colleague of mine, a writer called John Shotter, says that everything of importance to human beings happens in their meetings with one another and it is almost always the unexpected happennings that turn out to matter most…best wishes, Patricia


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