Study Programme for Refugees

Prototyping culturally integrated design education
How do we develop a way of studying design that enables diverse cultural affinities to be actively and meaningfully integrated?
The ‘Refugee Project’, experimentation often benefits from understanding what happens when we juxtapose ‘extremes’. At the Academy of Visual Arts, Frankfurt, we are leading a project with a small group refugees, students, tutors and partners to understand this very question.
However, when we say integration what do we mean? It is not about becoming like others, but how in the spaces between us there is the opportunity to reveal and work with the richness of our differences. The opportunity to work creatively together to generate meaningful outcomes.

Part One

How do we proceed with our project; firstly we are developing and testing models at the Academy of Visual Arts, Frankfurt, from summer term 2017 to winter term 2017/2018.

Part Two
Sees the project develop further in cooperation with other European universities, from winter term 2017/2018 to winter term 2018/2019.

Project Conception and Coordination
Academy of Visual Arts
Frankfurter Akademie für Kommunikation und Design
Frankfurt Ostparkstrasse 47-49
D-60385 Frankfurt am Main
Project Manager: Joe Lockwood