Session 5 – June 30, 2017

We gather together and start working straight away, first by sharing the things we created since we last met the different elements are laid our before us and we discuss how do we start to take these sketches then edit and combine to take our next step. We ask ourselves what decisions can we make alone, and what decisions do we make together and how – we know we need to move from sketch to trying things out.

But first, what do we mean by a room? Is it temporary perhaps more theatrical, or is it more permanent and is about a living space … we shall take time to imagine what it is, who is there, how we use it … how do we live, how do we go about the every day ‘designing’ of our lives and our relationship to others in spaces?

And very practically we need to find a space, we can use this space to share what we are woking on with others

Three elements have emerged from the ongoing recombining of our work, they are pattern, object, furniture and we very practically use this as a way to group ourselves and then move flexibly across the elements to develop this diversity that is important to us. How do we swap things, combine things, find the connections, the differences we keep coming back to the question for today how do we go from sketch to trying out – its not easy.

We start as always by asking ourselves questions, what are we going to make, how will we make it, who will use it, or will it not be useable, do I need to make it with someone else as I need to bring in other skills?

It is clear to all of us that we are will make choices to give us the direction to take a next step knowing at the same time it could be the wrong one and we might have to go back and try again. We set about making our decisions together.

As we are wrapping up a surprising thing happens and we share the news with each other, two students have approached the project group and would like to join us they really like what we are doing – first we thought oh no, then we think again yes that would be great as it will help us reflect communicate and share what we are doing and why.

Two of us will meet with the other two next week, and we take it from there.

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