Session 3 – June 9, 2017

We are six group members at this session, Yama has his german class and Hossein is not able to join us as he has to organise vigil this evening.  As before, we will try to set up an additional date to meet with them both and share what happened today.

We start by showing each other a selection of our handwriting combinations from last time. Stella starts: She chose closed shapes that remind her of a face, a figure, a creature – or simply compositions she liked. The significance of the original meaning of the handwritten words didn’t play any role for her.

It is the same for all of us: Leon, Arwin and Lisa have also chosen sections which pleased them aesthetically.

To our surprise, the same cut-outs have often been chosen. We talk with each about this and conclude that we share similar aesthetic values.

We discuss why we make purely aesthetic decisions that lead to completely meaningless structures (with which we will eventually continue to work). Why do we work with the meaningless, why do we try to find a way to remove meaning? Our careful dialogue with each other leads us to an answer: by trying to remove meaning we are able to play. We might say the play is meaningless, or we may say we are trying to recombine and allow the meaning to emerge exclusively in itself – for us this is one of the attributes that characterises art.

We then start working by isolating shapes from the selected sections: some of us work on the computer, others copy directly from the screen on paper.

In the end of our session we lay out our isolated forms and shapes on the tables: Each selection has its own character.

For the next session, we will consider and test how we will continue with our work with these shapes: Will we draw and combine them -and if yes, with what colour / pen and on which paper? Will we work with them on the computer? Will we work with them in a printing process?

We will see this in our next session in June 23rd.

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