Session 1 – April 21, 2017

The experiment begins, as always with questions:

– how do we work with each other in a way that reveals and recognises the importance of our differences from religion, language, culture, sex, background …
– amongst these differences how do we design together?
– can we then develop a design education programme that allows diverse cultural affinities to be actively and meaningfully integrated?
— —
We are eight: We come from Afghanistan, from Syria, Germany, Iran, we have a Kurdish background we have just arrived here in Germany or were born here – we speak Arabic, Dari, English or German and we all do not know each well or not at all. We are silent and we wait.
Then we are asked to share something about us ourselves to begin to get to know each other. Not just anything, as we are asked a question ‘what do we really want in life…what are our goals? and importantly what are the values that guide us?
First of all, we write, we write in your own language, separately. For some of us, it is an easy question, the answer is clear and straightforward, for others the question is too big.
But we find an answer  – and finally we tell each other about ourselves, in German and in English.
This is how we start to get to know each other.
Then we take a next step, by trying to focus our narratives on one single sentence.
Which we read to each other:
Anna Paula: To grow together alone
Stella: To make decisions based on my own experiences
Yama: To find myself and complete myself by learning
Lisa: To find freedom to be free
Leon: To be understood
Rami: To find something that makes me happy
Arwin: Alone I am nothing, together I am everything
Hossein: To live a normal life

— —

We take our next step on May 12, 2017 in Frankfurt

One comment

  1. Patriciacia Shaw

    A narrative in a single sentence. I liked reading these and letting them whisper possible pasts and possible futures evoked by each phrase. I like what you are doing – it resonates very much. I know Joe – he sent me the link to this page. I think youhave had a second meeting – I hope you will write something…


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